How to upgrade LYF JIO Mobiles software using Flash File (stock from) -Qualcomm CPU only


Qflash Meta Build Tool 9.1.6

Drivers (Qualcomm HS-USB Driver)

Here is the full Software Upgrade Process steps pdf download link, which you can download & use for future use.

Software upgrade process – Read This First

As the earlier Qflash tool (Qflash Tool 9.1.6) was released required the IT team intervention for installation so we have now modified the tool.

  • The modified tool does not require the IT team intervention & can be run directly.
  • This tool can be used for software flashing of LF2403, LF2403S(Secure build), LF2403N, F120B, F300B & F220B.
  • The new tool is Qflash_tool_9.1.6

Key Points:

  1. The new Qflash_tool_9.1.6 supports software upgrade of LF2403, LF2403S,LF2403N, F120B, F300B & F220B only.
  2. some LYF Jio Mobile software can be upgraded with Qflash_tool_9.1.6 only.
  3. Old Qflash_6.1.3 tool does not support latest lyf jio models software upgrade.
  4. Kindly communicate DRS/JP/JS service manpower to start using the Qflash tool_9.1.6.
  5. Please note Old Qflash_6.1.3 tool does not support flashing of latest jio mobiles or latest version flash files (stock roms). Hence kindly do not try this.

Software upgrade process – Qflash Tool 9.1.6 Installation::

Download the Software file, Tool & Drivers from the upper download links given.

The Download Software package will be in Zip format, kindly Unzip the same.

Here for reference, we are using JioPhone model F220B.

Post Unzip you will get
Software file (LYF-F220B-003-01-50-091120)
New Software Download tool “Qflash_Tool_9.1.6”
Driver File (QUD.WIN.1.1 Installer-10040.5)

Software upgrade process – Qualcomm Driver Installation:

Open QUD.WIN.1.1 Installer-10040.5 folder & double click on Setup.exe to start the Driver Installation.

image 015
image 016

Click on Next to Proceed Further.

image 025

Select “I accept the Terms in the License Agreement.” Click on Next to proceed further.

image 024 1

Click on Install to proceed with Installation.

image 032
image 033

During Installation, the above Pop-Up will come.

Enable “Always trust Software from Qualcomm Incorporated” Click on Finish to complete the Driver Installation.

image 040
image 041

If the Driver is Installed Successfully, the Jio Phone
(F220B) will get detected as “Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 9092 (Com XX)” Under Ports in Device Manager.

image 048

Note – Phone to be Connected in Power ON Condition to check whether Driver is Installed correctly.

Software upgrade process:

To run the tool, open the “QFlashToolMetaBuild9.1.6” folder. In the folder, you can see QflashTool_9.1.6.exe file.

Run this file to open the software download tool.

image 055
image 056

The Qflash_Tool_9.1.6 UI will look like the image shared in the blow.

image 063

Click on “Load content” to load the Software file.

Load the F220B Software file & select the contents.xml file from the software folder.

image 070

The model number of the device will be displayed in “Download Software Model”. Here is LYF-F220B model which is being used for software upgrade.

Click on “Download Content” to start the software upgrade process.

image 078
image 085

During the process of software upgrade, the tool will display, Download Software Model & Phone Software version.

Click on OK to proceed with Software upgrade process.

During the process of software upgrade, All is well “SUCCESS” message will be displayed in the tool log window indicating the software upgrade process has started.

image 086

On successful completion of the software, “Download Succeed” message will be displayed.

image 102

Key points –

  • Software upgrade of F220B to be done on Qflash_tool_9.1.6 only.
  • Software upgrade tool Qflash_tool_6.1.3 does not support flashing of F220B.
  • To put F220B in force download mode, press “*” key simultaneously & insert the one end of the USB Data Cable to computer system & another end to the phone.

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