LYF JIO F90M Flash File Stock Rom (000-03-31-121219)

LYF JIO F90M flash file is an important file that you can use to install or update the KAIOS version of your JIO F90M mobile by flashing software.

Download the LYF JIO F90M flash file to install or update KaiOS on JIO phones. Qflash Tool, Qfil, Etc Flashing Tools Can Flash LYF JIO F90M flash file on jio f90m device.

For flashing process you need to press the boot key of LYF JIO F90M mobile – All Jio Bootkey List

Download LYF JIO F90M Flash File Stock Rom

LYF-F90M-000-03-31-121219 (LATEST 2021 FILE)


LYF-F90M-000-03-15-180219 (PATCH)

LYF-F90M-000-03-12-110119 (PATCH)

LYF-F90M-000-03-06-290818 (OLDEST PATCH)

Megafone Flash Tool Latest Version Download

Qflash Tool All verison listed Download now

Qualcomm Usb Driver Latest Version Download

Must read before flashing stock ROM –

  1. Flash File Stock ROM will delete all your personal information including all the pictures, videos and files on the flashed phone… So first take a complete backup of all the necessary information on the phone.
  2. Of course, write down the IMEI number of the phone before starting the flash process and back up the EFS / QCN / NVRM fee properly.
  3. Feel free to flush at your own risk, we are not responsible for any damage to your device.
  4. Make sure your phone’s battery charged at least 30% , then start the flashing process, moreover the phone may accidentally shut down.

How To Flash LYF JIO F90M Mobile With Megafone Flash Tool:

1- Download the F90M flash file and unzip it on the computer.

2- Install Qualcomm USB driver and Megafone flash tools on the computer. If it is already installed, skip this step.

3- Run the Megafone Download Tool application on the computer and click the SelectPath button on this tool and select & assign of the path prog_emmc_firehose_8909_lite file from the Unzip Flash file folder.

4- Press the boot key of the mobile and connect your mobile to the computer using a USB cable, the phone will create Qualcomm HS-USB QDLader_9008 port in the computer-device-manager.

5- Now click on DOWNLOAD button to start installing the flash file on your mobile.

6- In 10 to 15 minutes the installation process is complete and disconnect the mobile from the computer and start normal.

What can be done on LYF Jio F90M mobile by installing Jio f90M flash file:

Update Software Version:

Flashing is an installation process of the software files, this Flash File will update the phone software version to the latest version.

Fix Software Issus:

In some cases, the mobile does not turn on when some files of the mobile software are corrupted. This is called dead boot or soft brick in mobile repair language. In this case, the flashing process installs your phone system files and removes the corrupt files and the phone will return to work.

Software Bug:

All software has some bugs and some bugs come after using the software but if you see Some bugs in the phone that prevent some function of the phone from working properly then you can fix this problem by Do Flashing.

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