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Mobile Repair Course Hindi Part -1


Cellular Cellphone PCBs Have Some Small Parts Or Electronic Components. When Studying Cellular Repair, It Is Important To Learn And Understand How To Identify These Small Components Or Electronic Components And Understand Their Functions. Identification of Small Parts on Mobile PCBs Easily If You Know And Understand Some Basic Rules. It Is Also Important To Understand What To Do If One Small Component Is Wrong.
Most of these electronic components are surface-mount devices. They Don’t Have Prospects Like Through-Hole Electronic Components.


Search for mobile phone failures for cell phone repair “to repair any mobile cell phone, we must find and know the fault or problem present in different sections of mobile phones, parts, and components. If we know the problems of different parts and components present in different sections within a mobile cell phone, then we can easily repair the failure by checking the component.


The BGA reballing kit for mobile phone repair is needed to repair the ic network ball array on the PCB of a mobile phone.

What is the BGA reballing kit?
The BGA reballing kit is used to reballing the welding balls of a BGA ic (ball grid array). There are several kits and BGA rework stations available in the market. Most repair professionals usually start with a starter kit and gradually switch to the latest universal kits and stations.


The mobile sniffer circuit is designed as a sensitive RF detector. The RF signal diode 1n34 forms the main element. Together with the resistor r1 and the capacitor c2, the diode collects rf energy in the area. In standby mode, the diode output is around 0.6 millivolts, which rises to 60 millivolts when it receives high-energy radiation from the mobile phone. Since the voltage level of the sensor diode is too weak, three-stage amplification is provided to give the warning indication through the speaker.


There are two failures in repairing mobile devices, such as hardware and software. Software problems for mobile phones and smartphones can be solved instantly from the computer by flashing the secret code. But to solve the hardware failure in the smartphone, it is important first; you have knowledge of all parts of the mobile phone. A serial number of technologies enable it from best to best for advanced mobile repair.

  • Mobile Phone Repair Section
  • 2G 3G 4G technology
  • Distinguish between i-phone 3g and 3gs and all i-phone
  • Advanced mobile phones with troubleshooting with circuit boards.
  • Represented on the mobile operating system of i-phone, blackberry, Samsung android phone.
  • Chinese mobile phone repair
  • Android technology
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, infrared
  • Unlock icon for Android or Windows phone i-phone CDMA phone

  • GSM and CDMA structure and mobile phone
  • Assemble and disassemble smartphones with Android or Windows
  • Identify the various electronic components that are tested on the circuit board
  • Solder and desoldering the chip level on the PCB motherboard
  • ID ics
  • Identify different ics
  • Origin and destination
  • Destination code for mobile origin
  • The mobile circuit board tracks smartphones running Android or Windows Phone
  • Portable circuit board effect without a circuit diagram
  • Read the circuit diagram
  • Windows phone technology
  • Mobile phone failure
  • Dead group case
  • No cost
  • Auto Backup
  • No coverage
  • Audio problem
  • Rocking problem
  • The doorbell problem
  • Auto power off
  • Pending problem
  • insert sim (no sim card listed on display)
  • Keyboard problem
  • Software Problems:
  • Pending problem
  • Dead group
  • Foreman
  • Call service (retail connection, call service provider)
  • Demo mode
  • Do not charge
  • Configuration problem:
  • SIM lock
  • Security code
  • Lock the country
  • Repair the phone approx
  • Latest mobile repair
  • Flashing and formatting
  • Restore I-phone
  • Android phone lock pattern
  • Route your Android phone
  • Blackberry unlock
  • Flash blackberry
  • Blackberry Wi-Fi connection settings
  • Repair software online.
  • Galaxy phone repair
  • Samsung flashes, reset completely.
  • Open i-phone factory overview.
  • i-phone, install Android apps.
  • Touch panel fault detection and repair / replacement.
  • Block chart of the motherboard of the smartphone.
  • Track the motherboard of the smartphone in the circuit.
  • Discover errors on your smartphone’s motherboard with advanced automatic testing tools
  • Mobile phone update, jailbreak, unlock the country.
  • All kinds of unlocking user lock, country lock/sim
  • Open online “IMEI repair”
  • Chinese mobile training special repair
  • Flashing, formatting, backing up files, opening user, etc.
  • Special tips and tricks for training service center software repair
  • Touch screen repair phone
  • Repair htc
  • gsm mobile phone troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot Chinese mobile phone
  • CDMA mobile phones troubleshooting
  • Repair the phone approx
  • Service Center Tips
  • Live practice training

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