How to disable driver-signature-enforcement option in Windows

A security feature for Windows is to verify driver-signature-enforcement and it blocks the installation of unsigned drivers and helps protect your system from viruses.

Need to install unsigned drivers on your windows for Windows development purposes or learning, but the Windows feature “verify driver-signature-enforcement” blocks its installing process on your system. continue to install un-singed drivers on Windows just need to disable the driver signature enforcement feature.

Here are eight simple steps to disable the driver-signature-enforcement Windows feature:

In the window, go to the menu and hold the keyboard shift key and click the restart button on the computer.

The Windows system will shut down and restart, and the Windows Startup menu will open. Proceed by selecting the “Troubleshoot” option which is in the second position in the Windows Startup menu.

Select Advanced Options in second position to continue the process.

Select Startup Settings to change driver verification mode in Advanced Options.

A list of Windows Advanced default features that you can modify. Click the Restart button below to modify.

Now you can change the Windows Advanced default settings by pressing the F1-F9 Function keys on the keyboard, in our case press F7 to disable the driver signature feature.

Windows will boot normally after pressing F7 Function Keys and now the driver signature feature will be disabled by verifying Windows. Now you can install all signed drivers without any problems.

You can also Check This Video to disable Driver Signature Enforcement

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