EFT Dongle Crack 3.5.0 (Without Box) Download For Windows


Rarely Have a smartphone servicing solution application with a large number of working users, such as EFT Dongle Crack (Without Box).

EFT Dongle Crack – Powerfull servicing solution application

EFT Dongle Crack enables users to perform phone firmware writing and remove mobile screen lock procedures as well as other operations of all software repair methods with supported CPU-based devices.


  • BackUp / Write Flash
  • BackUp data & contacts
  • Repair IMEI
  • Supports select custom DA file
  • Reset ScreenLock (Supports Encrypted data)
  • Make Rooted Kernel
  • BackUp / Write NVRAM
  • Flash Scatter
  • Make Kernel to remove ScreenLock
  • BackUp info
  • Format cache
  • Format user data
  • Run Memory test
  • Format custom partition
  • Reset FRP


  • BackUp partitions
  • Reset ScreenLock (Supports Encrypted data)
  • BackUp data and contacts
  • Factory Reset
  • Reset FRP
  • Reset config
  • Make Rooted Kernel
  • Make Kernel to remove ScreenLock
  • Flash XML ROMs
  • Supports use FireHouse
  • BackUp info


  • Repair S-Health on tripped Knox
  • Set SIM count to dual | single
  • Repair USSD codes
  • Dump boot logo and flash it
  • Dump keyboard languages and write them
  • Active some useful CSC features
  • Disable notifications (security updates, SIM card not from and security reports)
  • Flash factory firmware
  • Flash single .img
  • Read PIT
  • Reset KNOX
  • Repair DRK
  • Remove ScreenLock if FRP ON / OEM ON without data loss
  • Remove ScreenLock if Data is Encrypted without data loss
  • Remove FRP for UFS based devices
  • Remove FPR for EMMC based devices
  • Remove FRP on ADB
  • Remove MDM (Knox Configuration Setup Wizard)
  • Remove Please Call Me
  • Repair IMEI for SPD based devices
  • Repair IMEI for Some Qualcomm based devices (not all supported )
  • Read CERT for SPD based devices
  • Write CERT for (Exynos, Qualcomm, SPD) based devices (not all supported )
  • Write (nv_data)
  • Unlock network for (SPD, China, Exynos, Qualcomm, Sprint) based devices
  • Patch IMEI Certification for SPD based devices
  • Enable UART connection
  • Reset MSL for (Exynos, Qualcomm) devices (not all supported )
  • Restore original IMEI
  • Read / Write EFS
  • Read / Write Security
  • Reset EFS
  • Reset Security
  • Read SPC code
  • Backup / Restore DRK
  • Fix EFS errors mount in recovery
  • Repair dm-verity
  • Make EFT-SU rooted kernel
  • Root with prevent RMM from enabling
  • Make Kernel to remove ScreenLock
  • Make Kernel to enable ADB
  • Make Kernel to bypass dm-verity
  • Make kernel to Backup data to Ext. SdCard
  • Make Rooted ADB Recovery
  • Make Recovery to remove ScreenLock on Encrypted data
  • Unlock bootloader on ADB
  • Enable DIAG mode
  • Unbrick Qualcomm based devices (not all)
  • Unpack LZ4 compressed files
  • Reboot to download mode
  • Factory Reset
  • Unpack TAR ROMs
  • Unpack .img files
  • Dump ROM using ADB
  • Fix Wi-Fi errors
  • Add Mobile Data toggle
  • Remove Secure Storage
  • Add Arabic & Farsi languages to Samsung keyboard
  • Fix contacts errors for general and Docomo series
  • Remove T-Mobile boot logo
  • Enable hidden languages
  • Fix TouchWizHome errors
  • Enable LTE connection
  • Fix read SIM errors


  • Unpack (KDZ, DZ) ROMs
  • Backup / Write Flash
  • Supports Root explorer
  • Supports ScreenLock reset
  • Reset FRP
  • Factory Reset
  • Supports send custom Command to download mode

work like a pro servicing solution with Without Box version

EFT Dongle without box  is a pro version servicing solution application.

Download EFT Dongle Crack (Without Box)

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