Download Xiaomi Redmi 4x / Redmi 4 India (santoni) Schematic Diagram – service manual

Download the Schematic Diagram on Xiaomi Redmi 4x / Redmi 4 India for mobile servicing and gain educational knowledge. Using this schematic diagram, you will get all the servicing guides of Xiaomi Redmi 4x / Redmi 4 India along with the board view of the mobile, the wiring of the mobile board, the board location information of all the ic.

Redmi 4x and Redmi 4 India are the same Xiaomi model and same OEM device and both of them have the same codename One is released from India and the other is an out-of-India version so don’t get confused about these 2 models.

In this article, we have provided a download link you can download by following it. Once downloaded, this file will remain as a zip file. You can unzip it with any unzip tool.

Download Xiaomi Redmi 4X / Redmi 4 Schematic Diagram

Download Link

Follow this link for those who can’t unzip or view this file after downloading it.

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