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Download Spreadtrum SPD Flash Tool All Version List

Flashing Stock Rom is a simple process that doesn’t require any experience. Be aware, though, that any mistake will brick your device.

Well, we are going to guide you on how to install a Stock Rom firmware / Flash File of Spreadtrum Devices Using Spd Flash Tool. The following Steps You Learn how to Flash various Stock Rom Flash File such as .PAC and etc. Introduction During recent times, there have been many different devices & Operating System devices that have been released in the market. Most of them work perfectly & with superb design & useful features. You can access most of the aforementioned devices through different operating system devices such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and others. Though every operating system is compatible & works the same, but with a few differences since they are different from one another.

Install SPD sci USB Driver

Follow the instructions below to install Spd Sci USB drivers on your computer and get it connected in download mode.

  • Download and install the latest SPD Sci Driver from here.
  • Once downloaded click install.
  • Restart PC after complete installation.

How to Flash ROM with SPD Flash Tool?

  1. Download Device Stock Rom Flash File- Download the Devices needed stock Rom firmware file which want to process onto your computer using a program like Chrome and then extracts it to the computer’s desired location.
  2. Select Stock Rom Flash File- Open the spd flash tool in the left upper corner and select Devices Packet (.PAC) File From Extracted Flash File Stock Rom Files that you previously step downloaded.
  3. Install USB Driver- To update the software on your SPD or SCi flash drive, please install the latest version of the USB driver.
  4. Connect Device- To connect your devices to the computer, make sure the Device powered off first. Then press the Boot Key and use a good quality data transferable USB data cable to complete the process.
  5. Start Downloading- Download the SPD Flash Tool and click “Start Downloading” to start the flashing process. (It will verify the Selected Stock Rom Packet File  with your mobile and take 2-10 seconds)
  6. Flashing Partitions One By One- After the stock ROM is verified with your device, the flashing process will start and one by one partition will be flashed completely in 2 to 10 minutes.
  7. Successfully Flashed- Disconnect your device from the SPD Flash Tool screen “PASSED” message appears in the spd flash tool. (This passed message means flashing process complete successfully)
  8. Power On Device- If your device won’t power on, remove the battery and then re-insert it. If that doesn’t work, long-press the power key for 10 seconds to start booting your device.

What is SPD Flash Tool?

It's a tool for flash mobile devices (smartphones, watch, etc.) from stock ROM Flash File to Stock Android. SPD Flash Tool is capable to flash Stock ROM on official Stock Images. The tool has a wide range of benefits including the ability

Download Stock ROM Flash File

Download ROM for your device Extracts to Download Default zip file from the link and save it in the Computer Any Drive. For those who just want to flash a simple ROM, this tool has its own advantages and can be used to Extract Stock Rom Flash File.

How to Install SPD Flash Tool?

Follow The Simple Steps To Install On Your Windows Computer 1. Download and install the ZIP file from the download link. Double click on the downloaded install setup file. 2. Accept terms and conditions and Click On Next Button. 3. Final Step Click Install button to Installed SPD Flash Tool On Your Windows Computer.

Entering Download Mode

Download Mode is a Device Emergency Download Software function of users that allows them to download stock rom flash files on their devices. Spreadtrum has a download mode that depends on the device. For an android device, the boot key is vol+ and vol- for other phone devices, the boot key is OK. You can check your boot key on the internet.