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QFlash tool is used for Qualcomm phones to flash firmware. Download all versions of this tool listed below.

List all versions of the QFlash tool published so far

Phones that contain Firmware “Content.XML” can only be flashed through these QFlash tool such as: jioF220B, jioF90M, etc …

How To Properly Use QFlash Tool:

1- Download any version of the Qflash tool listed on your Windows PC.

2- Open this file on your computer and extract it,s files using Winer or any unzip software.

3- After extracting all the files, open the extracted folder and locate the Qflashtool.exe file and double click to launch it on your computer.

4- The Tool is now running on the computer. Click the “LOAD CONTENT” button and specify the path to the “CONTENT.XML” file for the firmware you want to flash on your phone.

5- Almost All set, connect the phone to the computer by pressing the phone boot key using the data cable. This step will activate the “Download Content” button on this tool.

6. Click the “Download Content” button to start flashing the firmware on the phone. After pressing the button, the phone that will be connected to the computer will start the flashing process.

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