Download Emmc Change Flash File Firmware For Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 pro (whyered)

download and install the emmc change spacial firmware on redmi note five pro devices to fix emmc related issues this file is free available for all users before using this file must backup your IMEI data file partitions using ufi or easy tag thank you.




How To Replace Note 6 pro Emmc without changing cpu.

  1. Backup your current EMMC Qualcomm security files partitions (FSG, MODEM, MODEMST1, MODEMST2) if possible using the UMT dongle or ufi toolbox.
  2. Buy Or find an Emmc and reprogram it SNAPDRAGON Universal method normally.
  3. replace the bord Old damaged or correct Emmc ic with reprogrammed EMMC.
  4. using any dongle or flash tool Flash the redmi note 6 pro emmc change files.
  5. Power On The Device and restore security files (IMEI, id, baseband) that backup in the first step.

My Remark To All Mobile Repair Technicians:

Redmi Note 6 Pro very changes the EMMC but the long process But Easy If you have a well-conditioned phone and can replace the EMMC cost to manage the customer then do the work otherwise give the customer back his phone. must back Note 6 Pro mobile security (IMEI number, baseband file, mobile ID) before making changes otherwise, it will come under an invalid process and IMEI can slow down these problems by not coming to the wrong network.

Hi, I am Ashish, how are you guys, follow for free mobile repairing software unlocking, flash files and schematic files.

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